All tryouts take place for next season.

September - October
Fall Ball for older age groups. (optional, additional costs apply)

Coaches register for all spring leagues and tournaments as they become available. Coaches turn in budgets and order uniforms and other needed equipment.

Strength and Conditioning and Prehab (those exercises designed to prevent injury in baseball players, ie. Scapular stabilizing exercises, rotator cuff exercises, elbow maintenance routine, etc.) exercises begin. Individual skill lessons available. (optional, additional costs apply).

All team indoor practices begin one time per week for 8-12 weeks. (No additional cost). Strength and Conditioning and individual skill lessons continue. (optional, additional costs apply).

Baltimore Redbirds Baseball Teams

OFF SEASON (July-November)

Baltimore Redbirds Schedule

Each team has differing needs depending on their age group. Our philosophy is to keep baseball simple, fun, and educational at the younger age groups. As the players develop and decide they would like to “specialize” in baseball, we provide them with the tools needed to continue to improve at a higher level and to be seen by high school and college coaches by creating tournament and showcase teams. Below is our projected playing schedule. All of these schedules are subject to change.