League of Dreams baseball game hosted by the Redbirds Organization and it’s players.

Baltimore Redbirds Baseball Community Service

​The Baltimore Redbirds Baseball Organization has partnered with the League of Dreams (www.leagueofdreams.org). This non-profit foundation provides individuals, regardless of physical or mental capacity, the opportunity to experience the joy, challenges, and personal growth from playing the great game of baseball.  We encourage all of our Redbird players to get involved with this great organization. We believe volunteering for those who are less fortunate is a great way to “give back” to the community and focus less on one’s self.

Community Service

Baltimore RedBirds community service at the Maryland School for the Blind. What a fantastic day!

Baltimore RedBirds community service hosted the League of Dreams at Calvert Hall for a day of baseball instruction and a game. All the Redbirds youth teams participated in the event along side the Collegiate Redbirds players. Great fun had by all!